Our Overall Thoughts On E3 And The Rest Of The Year

June 20, 2017

Hey Guys,

Sphyrnidae here, just wanted to touch base with our awesome audience members! First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for watching the show and contributing to us, whether through your viewership or financially through patreon and donations, we really appreciate it. You guys helping us out is how we keep the show alive, so thank you for your support!

So, E3 just wrapped up and I'm always feeling like a kid in a candy store after it. Here's some of the things that I took away from this E3.

Microsoft definitely took away the show thanks to their long presentation. Xbox One X looks like a solid system overall, in addition, the release of 22 exclusive new titles is fairly impressive. I'd have to say I'm excited to see what Anthem holds for us, as that one reallyl peaked my interest out of the most there.

Sony was fairly lackluster this year, with exception to its VR titles. Supermassive games brought some pretty intense ideas to the party. Who else is excited for the prequel to Until Dawn? I can't wait.

EA was more boring than a golf match this year, that's all I need to say about that one. This of course is different if you're a very passionate fan of the sports game industry

Nintendo was a close second to Microsoft's conference for sure. They had one of their best E3 performances this year with the release of new Metroid games, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Arms, and the announcement of competitive Nintendo games happening at E3. Good on you Reggie and the whole team!

Of course, if you want to see more about our thoughts on E3 this year. Go watch our episode on it! And as like Dylan would say, "Do as The Dude does." We'll be back for another level up session on Wednesday night.

-Jordan "Sphyrnidae"